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Does First Financial Online charge anything to help me find a lender?

No. You will only pay the lender whose offer you accept. That lender pays us a small fee to acquire the lead information you submitted to us. We run a network, not a lending entity, and we do not compare the offers you receive. Make sure to carefully review the terms and conditions of any loan a lender presents to you. Decline any loan you feel doesn’t meet your needs.

How will I know if a lender decides to work with me?

Once you submit your application, lenders review your details in real time to determine if they’d like to work with you. Often, lenders specialize in borrowers with certain profiles. A lender that prefers borrowers like you will direct you to their website via email, text or a phone call. You review your loan interest rates and terms there. If they do not meet your expectations, feel free to decline that loan and submit your information again to the First Financial Online website to receive another offer.

How long does it take for a lender to approve my application?

Our network of lenders awaits applications in real time. That means, after you take three minutes to fill out our simple form, a lender should get back to you within five minutes. When you get back to them right away, you may be able to receive your money in as soon as 24 hours.

What’s the maximum cash advance or payday loan amount?

Lenders in the First Financial Online network limit payday and cash advance loans to $2,500.* Those who pay off their loans on time can get a second loan, even the very next month.

Where do I find the terms, rates and details of my cash advance or payday loan?

First Financial Online is not a lender, but a marketplace of lenders. We make sure those who need money can find it quickly at once centralized place. First Financial Online does not have access to the terms, rates and details of any loan as that information is between you and your lender. Once you decide to go ahead with a lender, they send you all the terms and conditions of your cash advance or payday loan.
Each one of our wide variety of lenders has specific requirements and details. You can always choose whether or not to accept the cash advance or payday loan offer. If the rates and terms don’t fit with your needs, simply decline the loan offer. Don’t hesitate to resubmit to another lender here at First Financial Online.

How quickly does the money get to my checking account?

Applicants who accept the cash advance or payday loan offer and get their documents to the lender quickly may get their money within 24 hours. However, sometimes it takes borrowers a day or so to get pay stubs scanned and benefits statements found. You will need to share some documents proving income and identification. Once you have all your information to the lender, they should get your money to you in a day or two. Those accepting the loan offer on a holiday or weekend when lenders are not at work still get their money quickly once regular business hours resume.
Does the lender need to know why I need the loan?
There is no reason to share the purpose for your funds with your lender. Often, cash advances and payday loans are used for weddings, car and computer repairs, emergency medical expenses, funerals, holidays, monthly expenses and more. Whatever your need, you should have options to get a short-term loan.

Who Qualifies for a cash advance or payday loan?

I have bad credit. Will I still qualify?

Today, lenders are more willing to provide cash advance and payday loans to borrowers with bad credit. Automation has reduced overhead and labor costs, allowing them to accept more risk and approve more applicants.

Overall, lenders request applicants must meet these requirements:

• 18 years or older
• U.S. resident
• Currently employed or receiving regular income
• Earning at least $800 each month
• Maintain an active checking account

In addition to these, each lender on First Financial Online may have a few more. Because we are a marketplace, requirements vary from lender to lender.
I live on a fixed income. Will I qualify?

As long as you make $800 per month, even through fixed income, you may qualify for a cash advance or payday loan. It costs nothing to fill out our simple form. If the first lender doesn’t have the rates and terms you wanted, you can decline that offer and submit your information again for another quote.

Do the self-employed qualify for cash advances or payday loans?
Yes. In fact, several lenders specialize in loaning to self-employed applicants. You just need documentation to prove you earn $800 per month, are 18 or older and have a checking account where the lender can deposit the funds. Additional qualifications vary by lender. You’ll also need to supply the name and main phone number of your business.

Additional Questions:

How does First Financial Online protect my information and privacy?

Norton Secured powered by Symantec provides the 256-bit encryption that keeps details hidden. McAfee Secure scans our site daily for malicious software. This “banking-level” security is the most robust permitted by the U.S. Treasury Department.

What happens if I’m late to pay, can’t pay the loan back, or default on the loan?

The borrower is legally bound to repay the loan. Borrowers who fail to pay the cash advance or payday loan in full will be charged additional fees. The lender can take legal action and turn the defaulted loan over to a collection agencies. They report the failure to pay to the credit bureaus which impacts your credit score.

Many lenders are happy to work with a borrower who needs more time to pay all or part of the loan. The key is to let the lender know ahead of time when you may miss a payment. Negotiate with your lender for a later payment date, loan extension or other accommodation. Because not all lenders offer to let the loan go to the next month, make sure you know the consequences for non-payment upfront, before you take the loan in the first place. Those who pay on-time responsibly find their credit scores remains stable.

My income comes from both my job and a pension. Which do I enter on my application?

Feel free to include any and all sources of income in your application. Including two or more is fine, particularly if only by combining them can you show income of $800 monthly. Lenders accept income from social security, disability, pensions and more, in addition to income from employment. You can also ask the lender’s representative the best way to apply.

Will pension, social security, disability, and other benefits qualify as income?

Lenders accept these benefits as income. If you bring in $800 a month from several sources of income and meet other lender requirements as well, you may qualify. You can combine all benefits and income from employment to reach the $800 threshold. The more income you can demonstrate, the higher the loan amount you will qualify for.
What do you do with my information? Do you keep my information?
Please read our privacy policy to understand how we keep your information private. Ultimately, only your lender has your personal information. All financial services, including First Financial Online and our lenders, protect clients with 256-bit encryption, “banking-level” security. This high-level protection is the strongest permitted by the U.S. Treasury Department. Both traditional banks and online lenders and must use 256-bit encryption.

I filled out the form but haven’t gotten an email about my loan. What should I do now?

First, check your “Junk Email” or “Spam” folder. Also, watch for emails from business names you don’t recognize as you offer will come from a lender who wants to work with you, not First Financial. Feel free to email us at customerservice@firstfinancial.com if you’re not getting a response. We’ll get you and your ideal lender connected quickly, if you qualify.

First Financial Online is not the lender. Why do I need your web site?

We’ve worked tirelessly to build one of the largest marketplace of cash advance and payday lenders in the United States. Many of the lenders here provide loans to all borrowers, including those with good, fair, poor and bad credit scores. Our task is to save you the time, hassle and money it would take to go seeking a lender willing to loan to you, a process that takes days or a week or more. Apply to several lenders on just one website when you use First Financial Online!

What if I don’t have my employer’s phone number and address?

Lenders need your employer’s name and business phone number before they offer you a cash advance or payday loan. If you find this information before you fill out our form, your lender can get your money to your quicker.

Why does the lender need my checking account numbers before I am approved?

Lenders deposit funds directly into your checking account. Some also automate debiting your checking account on the payment due date. The only way the lender can make these transactions is through using your bank’s routing and account number. First Financial Online charges nothing to those using our marketplace to find lenders.

You’ve asked for my employer’s phone number. Will you contact my employer?

Lenders need to verify your employment to determine your credibility. Employers get these kinds of calls often. Rest assured the lender is prohibited by law from discussing the reason for the call and your finances with your employer.

Can I choose payment dates? How long after accepting my offer and getting my money is the first payment due?

Typically, the lender chooses payment dates. Your qualifications and situation impact payment dates and the flexibility you have to select your own. Those with specific limitations should make them clear to the lender before accepting the cash advance or payday loan.

I don’t have a checking account. Can my lender deposit my funds into my savings account or debit card?

Lenders are bound by state law to only deposit funds into legitimate checking accounts. Putting funds into either a savings account or a pre-paid debit card could provoke legal action.

Can I dictate the length of the loan?

First, keep in mind that a cash advance or payday loan is considered short-term. You may have only days or up to two weeks to pay the money back in full (of course you can always negotiate to roll the loan over to the next month, too).

Once a lender makes an offer, it directs you to a web page delineating loan terms. If you need to have a different payoff date, call the lender’s customer service. They may be able to work with you. You can decline any loan offered and fill out our form again to receive another offer.

What type of lenders are on First Financial Online?

First Financial Online brings together the online lenders who’ve managed automate and streamline their operations. It’s these expense-cutting lenders who can afford and risk lending to those with good, fair, poor, bad credit scores. Every one of our lenders meets its state licensing requirements and stands in good faith with their state attorney general.

These lenders may be smaller because they’ve found the best way to provide loans to more applicants is through specialization in a niche.

How much money do I have to pay back? What is my APR?

First Financial Online is not your lender, so we do not list the terms, rates, annual percentage rates (APRs), or fees associated with the loans offered to you. Each of the lenders using First Financial Online to find borrowers creates its own rates and terms for each individual borrower. Before accepting any loan offer, you must review all information the lender sends you. It’s the lender’s obligation to state loan terms clearly. Talk to a customer service representative at length so you are not left with questions. Never sign for a cash advance or payday loan, until you fully understand the interest rate, APR and payment date.

What is the renewal policy for cash advance and payday loans?

Borrowers will find that most cash advance and payday loans can be renewed. It’s smart to understand the renewal policy before you get the loan initially. Talk with your lender about additional loan fees and finance charges before you renew. Get specific renewal policy information by contacting your lender directly.

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